Technical Capabilities


We’re different.
We’re new. We’re small. And we’re highly capable.
We’re very experienced at delivering imaginative solutions for those niche applications that major suppliers won’t touch. Creatively, practically and efficiently. For hardware and software. Including aerospace.


Aerospace product development is a highly intellectual activity. The product must operate successfully in an extremely wide range of inputs, not all of them controllable, with a demanding performance range. For civil aviation applications, the product must deliver value into the passenger transportation activity safely and efficiently.  Commercial margins are tight. Performance margins are small. And all under tight regulatory control with full accountability demanded. A mis-step can be very expensive.


The aerospace industry de-risks failure by relying on process. The product development cycle is formed from long (and usually painful) experience specifically to minimise the risks. The design process relies usually relies on highly experienced specialists providing inputs on individual design issues as they see it. The certification process uses a well-established basis for approving the product with little appetite for change.


Which means that products are costly. And frequently don’t deliver what the customer needs.
We’re well aware of what it takes to produce an operationally useful aerospace product. We’ve been on the receiving end of bolting new boxes into aeroplanes for certification. It is not a trivial task to deliver. But it could certainly do with updating.
We reckoned we could do something about that.
So we formed AeroSprite Infomatics.


We have a combined seventy-four years of design and development experience in both aerospace and information technology projects for small, medium and large clients. And have a range of recent highly specialized, bespoke projects for niche applications under our belt, very much to the satisfaction of the respective clients (at least those few who are prepared to talk about them).
Which means we can offer a one-stop shop for creative clients needing rapid, innovative and cost-effective solutions to unusual problems, using a wide range of skills over the entire product life cycle, including:-



Programme Management skills

Resource, cost and risk management for programme delivery using PRINCE 2 standards Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills to achieve complex technical goals within cost and schedule Delivering innovative and “Out-Of-The-Box” solutions with limited resources Excellent communication skills Encyclopaedic aerospace programme knowledge and experience Extensive experience of international operations and managing multicultural teams Programme reporting capabilities from simple turn-key delivery right up to full product certification documentation sets

Validation and Verification skills

Ability to deliver complete product development life-cycle programme and documentation to ARP 4754. Deliveries to full ERP, Quality, Documentation and Configuration Management system standards Highly effective requirements capture, specification and definition skills (incl. use of DOORS) Highly experienced in requirements validation documentation processes Extensive and highly successful skills for verification evidence generation and reporting.

Design skills

Comprehensive knowledge of design standards for DO-160, DO-178, DO-254/330/332, DO-262, DO-297, DO-313 and DO-326 Extensive knowledge of aircraft structures, performance, handling, systems, avionics and powerplant integration Extensive knowledge of aircraft digital communication implementation and integration (ARINC 429/664/633 and Mil Std 1553) Design process management and execution (including ARP 4761 for FMECA and FHA) Use of UML to establish and manage design teams UI / UX design creation and implementation

Manufacturing Management skills

Make/Buy analysis and implementation Production supply chain organisation and management Supplier management and oversight, Contract negotiation support and guidance

Test Programme skills

Creation, Planning, Management and Evolution of cost-effective test programmes at all levels Excellent record of successful product delivery through “hands-on” programme management style Extensive knowledge of hardware and software test processes and procedures generation, and test programming and sequencing Design, build and commissioning of test rigs (including Iron Bird installations) Test programme management, including facilities organisation, team leadership and verification evidence  generation Extensive flight test programme implementation and management experience (including flight crew) for Part 23 and 25 aircraft Excellent test data analysis skills, operational analysis and report writing


Requirements, Regulation and Certification Knowledge

Certification Process – Parts 21G&J, ISO9001, AS9100C
Aircraft and Engine Certification – Parts 23/25/29/33 (Both FAR and CS)
Airline Operations – Parts 91/121/135
Communication and Liaison with certification authorities
Membership of RTCA industry working groups (SC229)

Flight Test Programme Experience

Part 23 single turboprop 4 projects
Part 23 twin turboprop  1 project
Part 25 twin turboprop 2 projects
Part 25 business jet 2 projects
Part 25 commercial jet 3 projects
Airship 1 project

Systems Test Programme Experience

Landing Gear 1 project
Fuel Systems 3 projects
Turbine Engine Gearboxes 1 project
Composite Structures 2 projects

Research Programme Experience

Airborne Gas Sampler 1 project
Aircraft flight simulators 2 projects
UAV Concept Demonstrator 2 projects
Low-cost research aircraft 2 projects
HUMS – Health and Usage Monitoring Systems 1 project
Aircraft Distributed Electrical Power Management Simulation – 1 project
Avionics DVI – Direct Voice Input 1 project
Smart Switch – Fault Detection and Power Switching Systems 1 project
Neural Net Data Analysis – 2 projects

Airline / Operational Software Programme Experience

EFB documentation software 2 projects
Next-Generation Flight Planning interfaces 2 projects
Next-Generation aircraft information interfaces 2 projects
Arinc Thermal Test Chamber Design, build and Commissioning 1 project