Digitally Representative Low-Cost Flight Test Aircraft

• To confirm Iridium connectivity at unusual aircraft attitudes
• To provide a representative test environment for a limited budget
• 0-200 Kts, +6/-2G, 150 Deg/Sec roll rate, Unlimited Manoeuvring
• 220 Lbs payload, 120 Litres volume, 12/24VDC, 115/240VAC
• 3 Serial Buses, 128 parameters, Nav/Flight/Fuel/Eng/Elec data
• Source and re-build an experimental aerobatic aircraft
• Source and install cost-effective aircraft digital data sources
• Design and install fuselage hard-points for test equipment
• Re-configure the cockpit to quick equipment installations
• Design an instrument panel to allow care-free fault injection
• Provide multiple power sources on separate electrical system
• Project manage entire project, delivered in six months, < £50k.