Company Team


We work differently.


We’re knowledgeable, creative and imaginative. We’ve a lot of experience in a lot of projects. We’ve a lot of knowledge for a lot of disciplines. We know the regulations.


We’ve worked aerospace projects for a long time, but we’re always looking to the future. In all areas, and particularly IT. Our combined skills and knowledge means we can seamlessly adapt and adopt best practices from all industries into an aerospace format quickly and efficiently. And be fully compatible with aerospace certification standards.


Which allows us to move mountains with tiny teams quickly and effectively, unencumbered by the overheads of legacy organisations or inflexible processes. We don’t just talk to clients, we engage them from a position of knowledge and listen VERY carefully. Your response, our insight and clarifying the real problem gives the client an efficient and innovative solution within time and budget that suits them, not us.


We’re responsive, flexible, insightful and quicker.


The Team


Adam Walker

After starting his career as an accountant, Adam rapidly developed a reputation for delivering high-quality IT solutions for business and E-commerce applications. He has led several successful implementations of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions as technical project manager, developer and support trainer. This included implementation and commissioning of file and print servers, backend databases, web servers, desktops, network hardware and cabling, including acting as Chief Information Officer or Technology Manager. His range of delivered solutions have included applications for static and dynamic database-driven websites as web developer, and office automation applications including bespoke development of robust software for specific customer requirements. His recent deliveries include aircraft simulation applications and replicating data environments, and applying his extensive analytical skills to aircraft data analysis techniques.

Mike Down

Mike graduated from the University of Bath with a B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering after a highly successful undergraduate apprenticeship with Smiths Industries. After ten years in a range of innovative aerospace software projects, he branched out to provide IT services for analysis and database services, including E-Commerce and payment solutions. This was followed by third party web site development from template to rollout, including custom written software for database backend technical development. He specialises in providing integrated hardware and software solutions for specialist applications, including a low-cost aircraft simulator/demonstrator, with the latest delivery being to commission a thermal chamber for avionics testing and certification.


Dave Curran

Following a thorough aerospace undergraduate apprenticeship in Short Brothers, Belfast (where he was introduced to the noble art of flight testing), Dave graduated with a B.Sc. in Aero Engineering and Business Studies and spent a fascinating five years on all aspects of product development including instrumentation, experimental installation design, test programme planning and flying as test aircrew. He subsequently spent two decades abroad flight testing many and varied different types of aircraft and systems installations as a contractor and consultant, in positions of increasing seniority and responsibility. His experience covers all aspects of aircraft and system flight test programmes, including bench, Iron Bird and test aircraft management. His skills led to involvement with industry working groups after the AF447 and MH370 accidents, and has consulted on a range of airline operational software applications. He provides services to aerospace companies on a range of technical and programme management activities, from next-generation satcom systems to implementation of DAL(A) data concentration systems for new aircraft products.