The AeroSprite Information System Project


Mission Statement


The AeroSprite Information Service will extract, process, transmit and rapidly deliver difficult-to-access aircraft operational information to clients in a ready-to-use secure format by the most reliable, modern, cost-effective and robust technologies available, using a system architecture that maximizes commercial possibilities and value to the customer.


AeroSprite Project Background


We think differently.
We like aircraft data. It’s not a mystery, it’s not a regulatory inconvenience. It’s fun. You can learn lots. But you must be confidential. It is HIGHLY sensitive information.
We know. In our past lives, we got to know aircraft and systems nose-to-tail. We’ve written the test programmes, acted as aircrew, and crunched data on Part 25, 29 and 33 projects. And we’ve dealt with the regulators.


Big Data is no problem. Turning Big Data into Easy-To-Use Information, though, is another matter. Particularly for high-value, highly diverse, complex organisations. Like airlines. THAT requires a particularly wide range of insight, knowledge, skill, creativity and discipline to delivery.


So when OPS.GEN.MPA.205 and 210 were adopted, especially with our collective backgrounds, we thought we should have a look at applying our collective talents to see what we could come up with a solution that worked at minimum cost.
So we did.


We’ve spent a lot of effort streamlining our methods of automating airline and aircraft data processing so you can have easily understandable and accurately collated information delivered in a format which is 205 AND 210 compatible. We can let every key member of your organisation understand how efficient your operation is in ways they’ve never seen before. And allowing dedicated, creative people to see the operation in a new way can open up possibilities for imaginative solutions we’ve never thought of before.


The AeroSprite Information Service is designed to deliver personalised immediate operational information access and query response times that are an order of magnitude greater than present systems. The individual core technologies are mature. Integrating them into a simple, low-cost, commercially viable solution has been a mind stretching intellectual exercise requiring encyclopaedic knowledge – even for us!


We’re now keen to demonstrate this capability to innovative operators on a no-risk basis.
We don’t just think you’ll like AeroSprite.
We know you’ll love it.